Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. CBSE/Aff/1930326

Extra Curricular Activities

Education truly expands beyond the confines of the four walls of the classroom in VIDYODAYA. Special emphasis is given for the students to get adequate exposure and training in various forms of art and music. Classes on Classical Music, Classical Dance and Western dance, training in musical instruments like Key Board, Drums, Guitar, Drawing, Painting, Chess, Silambam, Archery and Swimming are conducted two hours a week and any one of the above is compulsory for all students.

Adequate exposure to areas such as debate, dramatics, writing and quiz is provided through special programs designed and executed by established trainers.

The Helen O Grady Drama Academy Classes are conducted two hours a week for classes 5 to 8. This Programme encourages the Learners to: Empower themselves, channelise energy and enthusiasm, promote social skills, stimulate creativity and concentration, and enhance confidence and self esteem. This programme really aims at providing a stable platform to develop dependable communicative skills.


Yoga is an integral part of our curriculum as is it a part of CBSE syllabus too. Yoga instructors regularly give training to the students of all the classes of the School on a regular basis.

Roller Skating

Lessons in roller skating is going on full-fledged, with the students learning fun and exciting styles of the art, twice a week. The skating rink in the School is used for the purpose. The School skating team has taken part in various competitions in the past years and has brought many trophies, Shields and Certificates for the School.