Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. CBSE/Aff/1930326

KG Section

Vidyodaya's Kindergarten Section is a place for telling stories, building castles, painting pictures, singing songs and rhymes, making friends and learning to share. The little ones, just beginning school life have a comfortable space and time to their own to learn letters and their sounds letters and their sounds recognition of shapes and numbers, be able to write, count and recognize their name. They learn to draw, colour, paint and stick.

They are trained to follow directions and to develop the ability to express their feelings. Good care is given to improve their social skills and development of fine and gross motor skills. Whatever done, is done, keeping the fun part alive and stress part completely out. The tiny tots are taken for short field trips to expose them to the world outside.

With an intention of providing an eco and child friendly environment for the kid's classrooms, we are moving their class rooms to a separate block which will be their own world. All the facilities such as smart boards, mini furniture, display boards, play area are all provided in the new classrooms and block.