Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. CBSE/Aff/1930326

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum and the pattern of teaching followed in Vidyodaya is like a compass, guiding the students on the path to go forward and it is well planned in terms of activity and experience rather than knowledge to be acquired and facts to be stored. By this method of instruction, the teachers may teach less, but learners learn more. As a school we firmly support the idea of a stress free environment for the pupils.

Vidyodaya strictly follows the guidelines set by the Government in its educational policy with regard to the methodologies of teaching. The Central Board of Secondary Education withdrew the old CCE system last year. They have made some changes in the Examination weightages. The School follows the revised procedure of the Central Board in this regard.

The academic year consists of three terms for classes I to XII. The academic activities are scheduled from MONDAY to SATURDAY for classes V to XII from 9: 00 AM - 4: 00 PM. Kindergarten and Primary classes work from Monday through Friday.